Forget May the 4th, it’s Revenge of the 5th!

One of my absolute favorite shoots I’ve ever styled was one I like to call Darth Baber. Deep down I am a huge nerd and I have this sick obsession with anything Star Wars related. I had wanted to shoot a Star Wars themed photo-shoot for a while to add to my portfolio but I didn’t want it to be cheesy. Lucky for me I rented the Darth Vader helmet and borrowed that sick chair from the bar I work at. It didn’t hurt I happen to have a good friend with a killer body willing to help me out. So in honor of yesterday being May 4th (which is considered a holiday by Star Wars fans) and today being Revenge of the 5th (see what I did there?) I present Darth Baber! Enjoy!


Model: Elyse Nadia
Photographer: Jonathan Ciotti

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