Throwback Thursday

Being it’s officially Fashion Week, I figured I’d share some behind the scenes photos from last years show I worked! I was the assistant stylist on the Falguni and Shane Peacock SS13 show under celebrity stylist Leila Baboi. Enjoy!

480521_10100176778751095_1675692517_n 564209_10100176855432425_763473624_n564388_10100176851165975_2033558355_n 548159_10100176850167975_168722694_n 538927_10100176849858595_741294834_n 523296_10100176853321655_1783295374_n 301120_10100176849329655_531407832_n 263982_10100176854259775_747339278_n 263800_10100176849010295_674139096_n 255500_10100176849693925_311169349_n 223109_10100176850287735_768269229_n

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