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Muse Hair Salon: Halo Launch Party

Over the weekend I got to go to an exciting event hosted at Muse (my favorite place on earth- my hair salon!). It was a launch event of the new makeup line they now will be carrying! They have brought the talented Israel Edri on board with the Halo Luxury Make up line. Israel Edri created Halo from the finest quality ingredients on today’s market. He not only has over 15 years of experience, but he has worked with top companies like Estée Lauder, CHANEL, Givenchy, and Elizabeth Arden. There were models and staff members walking around with their makeup done displaying his work and I even got to watch how they do the eye brow threading. There was also some beautiful art work on display by Joshua Oliveira, who was also performing live art during the event. Go LIKE Muse on Facebook because they are always have fun events you want to be involved in! And if you’re looking for a new salon I highly recommend checking them out!


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Average Barbie

Throughout the history of Barbie, she has been criticized for setting unrealistic body images for young girls. So ever wonder what Barbie would look like if she was modeled after the average size American woman? Artist Nickolay Lamm used measurements of an average 19-year-old woman to create an “average” Barbie and then photographed the new doll next to a standard size Barbie. The photos really put things in perspective.

barbie1 barbie2 barbie3 barbie4 barbie5

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