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Dress and Hat Forever 21

Shoes Jeffrey Campbell for Nastygal

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Mad Hatter

IMG_4324 IMG_4325 IMG_4331

Crop Top Forever 21

Skirt Urban Outfitters

Hat Target

Shoes Jeffrey Campbell

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Haute Hippie

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with t1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Dress Nastygal

Shoes Jeffrey Campbell

Sunglasses Forever 21


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Casual Friday

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Top High Rank Tank from Nastygal

Pants Boyfriend distressed jean from Forever 21

Shoes Jeffrey Campbell Deluxe Sandal from Nastygal

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California Dreaming

I took a quick little trip out to San Francisco to see my adorable dude.

1 photo 1 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

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Florals For Spring


Top High Rank Tank from Nastygal

Pants Rose Garden Woven Trousers from Forever 21

Sunglasses Forever 21

Shoes Report


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The Hardcastle

Chelsi Hardcastle is one of my oldest and dearest friends. She is originally from Aventura, Florida but currently resides in Melbourne, Australia with her husband. Chelsi is a member of the Australian rock Christian band, Planetshakers and tours all over the world. She runs her blog, The Hardcastle that chronicles her love for fashion, food and travel. I got to interview her and pick her brain about her blog and Australian fashion.

chelsi 1 chelsi2

TSH: What are some of your favorite online shops?

Hardcastle: Well like I said ASOS, but I’ve come to find I don’t like ASOS US. I love going on ASOS Australia or UK because they have really new up and coming trends and of course since I live in Australia it doesn’t cost as much to ship

TSH: What are some of the top trends right now in Australia?

Hardcastle: Definitely mixed prints, mixed styles really. Im finding a lot of people are mixing rock and roll with hip hop, I see a lot of those shirts that look like dresses on guys with skinny jeans and loafers. But yea, a lot of mixed prints and mixed fabrics. Doing a printed oversized sweatshirt tucked into a plastic skirt with boots.

TSH: You were telling me earlier about this “plastic” trend…

Hardcastle: Yes the plastic trend! It’s a hot trend and I don’t just mean hot to buy, I mean it’s literally hot to sweat in. But living in Melbourne, its usually pretty cold so it works because I love that kind of stuff.

TSH: You do love your layering!

Hardcastle: I LOVE LAYERING! I love the layers.

TSH: What designers influence you?

Hardcastle: Honestly, lately just because of I like to shop cheap, I look at all the typical designers, Prada and Chanel…which this season for Chanel is so edgy, I want to touch Karl’s pony tail. But anyways, love Alexander Wang. I love all these people but what I love to do is actually go find all these little back alleys. Melbourne is one of the fashion capitals of the world right now, and I get to live there. There are tons of café’s and alley ways that look creepy but inside you find these incredible local artists and designers who are doing things that are just so innovative and so cool. I get a lot of inspiration from people like that. They’re doing the next thing and no one knows about them and I try my best to do stuff like that myself by going to odd shops and Salvation Army to recreate what they’re doing.

TSH: Trying to recreate these looks for a cheaper price?

Hardcastle: Exactly, because I don’t have much money! Even when I have more money one day, I’ll still try to shop like that. It’s fun, it’s a thrill. It’s like going into a treasure trove and coming out with the best piece.

TSH: What inspired you to start your blog?

Hardcastle: I was feeling a bit suffocated and needed a creative outlet. I travel a lot around the world, love food, love fashion, love music, and so I figured I’d just put all my favorite things into one blog. So I started this thing up and I’m actually in the process of building my actual website right now. A lot of it though is really fashion and travel. Seeing fashion around the world, in the different cultures, and how we take inspiration from that. Even like tribes in India and Africa how much inspiration we actually take from these cultures.

TSH: Where is one of your favorite places in the world for fashion?

Hardcastle: Obviously all of Europe is really cool. Amsterdam had super cool trendy things going there. London is the mecca- I’m just gonna say it. People think its Italy and Paris, but for street style it’s London. Yes, Europe is where you can get the best clothes MADE but in terms of people who are drawing inspiration from everything around them…ugh street style in London makes me sick it’s just so good. And Africa, I just love prints.

TSH: You’re always changing your hair, and right now it’s purple what brought this on?

Hardcastle: What couldn’t bring this on? I just get bored. And I figure your hair is a great canvas to express yourself and express what you’re feeling and I was feeling a bit crazy so today its purple. Who knows what I’ll do next I might chop it off. I have to kinda pace myself though because otherwise ill shave my head and it won’t come out in a cool way. Not like a cool Jesse J way, will end up looking Britney circa 2007. I figure do it now while I’m young, now’s the time to do it.

TSH: You’re obviously doing the music thing do you ever see yourself going in a serious fashion direction or is this just a hobby?

Hardcastle: I mean I definitely design my own stuff, I’m in the process of putting together a look book right now with a friend back in Melbourne who is a designer and were going to work together since I can’t sew for crap. But she’s amazing and were in the process of collaborating with another friend who is actually an architect who loves fashion so were trying to mix all of us with our different backgrounds together. It’s all still a work in progress.

chelsMake sure you follow The Hardcastle blog HERE, her Instagram HERE and her twitter HERE.

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Girl At The Rock Show







Top Throwback Nirvana Crop Top from Forever 21

Pants Carmar Jeans from LF

Shoes Ankle Boots by Steve Madden

Purse Studded Bag from Nastygal

Sunglasses High Polish Round Sunglasses from Forever 21

Ear Cuff similar found at Nastygal

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Music Monday

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October 15, 2013 · 1:28 am


2013-09-19 17.09.10 2013-09-19 17.22.50 2013-09-19 17.14.48 2013-09-19 17.19.28 2013-09-19 17.18.38 2013-09-19 17.26.37 2013-09-19 17.10.54

Shirt Notorious B.I.G. tee from Forever 21

Skirt Asymmetrical maxi skirt from LF

Shoes Burke Pump by Jeffery Campbell

Purse Skull Clutch from Nastygal

Necklace from All Saints

Photos by Kris Hugo


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